Concord is a great place to live.  During the day we have an influx of workers bringing us to almost 100,000 people and in the evening and on weekends we are more like a small town with around 40,000 residents.

Our downtown has been rejuvenated and is filled with several great restaurants and places to shop.  We have many cultural opportunities at the Red River Theater, the Capitol Center for the Arts and at the City Audi.  There is plenty of parking in our city garages and we have many activities throughout the year that bring us together as a community.

Check out some of these links for information on our city:

Concord City Government and Services - official site

Concord Arts Market - a local juried weekly outdoor event

Concord Farmers Market - Weekly outdoor event

Intown Concord - Seasonal Events and information about our beautiful downtown

Concord Chamber of Commerce

Capitol Center for the Arts -

Concord City Auditorium "The Audi"